CTC Contract address


CTC Ecological construction

Everything can be shared, everything can be digitized.
Everything is coordinated according to smart contracts

Blockchain 3.0

Digital currency to notes, securities, cross-border payments, supply chain,
product copyright, Blockchain technology introduction

Consensus algorithm

Efficient transition from low frequency
inefficiency to high frequency

Service fragmentation

Know the scope notice by the whole staff week

Processing method

From chain processing to chain-chain collaboration

Organizational form

From single chain to multi-chain combination

CTC Development roadmap

Project to the line

  • Underlying architectureWhite paper / recognition


  • The first stageWallet / Global Community Planning


  • Floor applicationThe whole industry chain application


  • Global allianceGlobal multi-industry alliance construction


  • 201808

    Project approvalOfficial Website / Asia Pacific Community Planning
  • 2018Q3

    Community startAsia Pacific/Global Community Launch
  • 2019Q2

    Global roadshowLaunch Asia/Americas/Europe/Oceania Roadshow Program

CTC Value-added prospects

In the next 2~5 years, it is the era of application, and the application is king!

  • feature
    Inflation trend
    Inflationary trend of legal tender
  • feature
    Capital intervention
    A lot of international funds are crazy involved
  • feature
    Effective transaction
    Global Open Boundary Deal
  • feature
    Business alliance
    Asia Pacific / Global Business District
  • feature
    High scarcity
    Constant CTC cycle reduction

CTC Trading center construction

CTC Global Trading Center, supporting currency transactions,
OTC OTC trading, leveraged trading, etc.


CTC Pre-sale activity

Looking to the future, opening up a new era
2018-11-23 CTC White paper